T4 Equipment Solutions

French Company's revolutionary "T4 Equipment Solutions" program takes all the elements of specifying, sourcing, managing and maintaining fleets of store equipment and combines them into one single, cost-effective program.  By leveraging French Company’s sourcing and service expertise, national coverage, and relationships with major manufacturers, retailers can obtain better equipment, lower overall costs, decrease service calls and significantly lengthen equipment service life all through monthly lease payments. Easy, simple, progressive!

The T4 program goes beyond simple scheduled preventative maintenance; it actually implements a full safety program complete with in-store training to employees and includes any signage, decals or retrofits needed. The program includes a safety program that ensures all equipment and training is compliant with ASTM F2372-04 and OSHA requirements, helping to We maintain shopping cart fleets nationally.keep both customers and employees safe.

Scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) is the key to extending the service life of any piece of equipment. Through T4, all locations receive a minimum of two regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits per year. During these visits, all equipment in the program is inspected and serviced at no cost to the retailer. In addition, an allowance is given for on-call service to cover emergency visits in between regularly scheduled maintenance.

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