PM Service Programs

By choosing the right preventative maintenance (PM) program, retailers can significantly increase the service life span of shopping carts, u-boats, rolling ladders, manual pallet jacks, rolling stock, and material handling equipment. Retail operators save hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs by implementing our regularly scheduled preventative maintenance service programs. Additionally, preventative maintenance reduces the injuries caused by shopping cart usage and Repairing carts saves on replacement costsminimizes risk. French Company is the nation's leading provider of shopping cart preventative maintenance, cleaning, and repair services and has been for decades.

For more information about our preventative maintenance service programs, please call us at 800.321.8875 or click here to contact a Service Program Specialist. 

French Company provides preventative maintenance service programs for shopping carts, specialty carts, transport carts, aluminum bulk movers, steel utility carts, maintenance stock carts, grocery cart fleets, rolling stock equipment, and material handling equipment.  Our clients consist of regional and Fortune 100/500 companies, grocers and specialty retailers. 

Our courteous field specialists work on-site at our clients' retail store locations. We often schedule their work during off-hours so that customers and store employees are not disturbed.  Our preventative maintenance programs are configured, implemented and scheduled to make sure that shopping cart fleets are inspected, cleaned, repaired, lubricated, and fixed regularly.

Our techncians test all shopping carts to make sure they are working properly and measure their performance. They make adjustments by lubricating or installing new wheels and casters, aligning baskets, replacing handles and other parts. We focus specifically on preventing retail equipment faults from happening. If equipment is not working properly, we fix it.

Our preventative maintenance programs place a significant emphasis on customer and child shopping cart safety. Because children often ride in carts, preventing falls is important. To help our clients manage this risk, we inspect safety restraint devices as part of our routine service.  We inspect and perform preventative maintenance on baby seats, child safety seats, Shop-Alongs, shopping cart infant seats, shopping cart baby capsules, One-Piece Infant Safe Seats, Front-Facing Safe-Seat Infant Seat, shopping cart seat belts, infant carts, Kiddie Carts, novelty carts, Bean Carts, and seat flaps. Our shopping cart service programs help ensure that shopping carts are stable and safe for children.

An effective PM program not only reduces liability and costs, but creates a safer environment for employees.  Preventative maintenance keeps equipment functioning properly, and equipment in proper working order significantly reduces the likelihood of injuries. Whether meeting the voluntary shopping cart ASTM F2372-04 safety standard or ensuring your rolling ladders are compliant with OSHA requirements, French Company’s PM programs help keep employees safe. 

Our personnel take good care of our customers' retail equipment and facilities when servicing their shopping carts, stock trucks, bakery racks, meat racks, flexible conveyors, overhead conveyors, flat bed trucks, two wheel dollies, electric wheelchairs, cart corrals, floor scrubbers and other retail equipment. 

French Company's preventative maintenance programs ensure that retail equipment and facilities are in satisfactory operating condition. We provide regularly scheduled equipment inspections, perform this work in a systematic manner, and document our work. When we detect recurring problems, we notify our clients so that the equipment or facility failures can be corrected.  We perform quality warranty work and non-warranty work on shopping carts and rolling stock equipment when requested.  Our goal is to perform inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects.  Our contracts can also supply sidewalk cleaning.

In addition to our customized maintenance programs we can implement a full safety program complete with in-store training to employees.  These safety programs include any signage, decals or retrofits needed. A proper safety program ensures that all equipment and training is compliant with ASTM F2372-04 and OSHA requirements, helping to keep both customers and employees safe.

Scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) is the key to extending the service life of any piece of equipment. Through our revolutionary T4 program, all locations receive a minimum of two regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits per year. During these visits, all equipment in the program will be inspected and serviced at no cost.  In addition, an allowance is given for on-call visits to cover emergency needs between regularly scheduled service.

"On Call" services are also available; we generally do not charge our clients for "trip charges" or "mileage fees".  

Preventative maintenance is important to multi-store operators for many reasons, including:

  • Enhanced employee safety
  • Extending the serviceable life of shopping carts and other material handling equipment
  • Functioning and clean shopping carts make a good impression on customers
  • Improved child and food safety
  • Improved customer perceptions
  • Lowered total cost of ownership for retail store equipment
  • Prevention of liability claims
  • Retail equipment cost reductions
  • Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs

U-boat preventative maintenance, inspection, cleaning, repair, llubrication, and replacement part installation programs are also available from French Company.

We service the following types of U-Boats used by grocery stores, supermarkets, department stores, drug stores, pharmacies, home improvement retailers, hotel/motel chains, multi-site specialty retailers, multi-store operators, office supply retailers, wholesale clubs and stores for stocking and transporting goods, products and merchandise in their stores, storage areas or warehouses. We service U-Boats manufactured by PVI, New Age, Wesco Industrial Products, Win-Holt, RWM, Milwaukee, Kelmax Equipment and others.

  • Aluminum open deck u-boat
  • Aluminum U-boat panel cart
  • Aluminum u-boat platform truck
  • Channel u-boat truck
  • Folding U-boat carts
  • Smooth steel u-boat platform truck
  • Steel U-boat Platform Truck
  • U-boat flat carts
  • U-boat hand trucks
  • U-boat metal utility carts
  • U-boat platform carts
  • U-boat steel utility carts
  • U-boat stock carts
  • Wide steel u-boat platform truck
  • Wood deck u-boat platform truck

Rolling stock preventative maintenance, inspection, cleaning, repair, lubrication and replacement part installation services  are available from French Company.  We service rolling ladders manufactured by Cotterman, Tri-Arc, Ballymore, EGA Products and others.  Our maintenance programs are available for the following types of rollling stock:

  • 4-step welded wteel work platform
  • Cart-n-Climb ladders
  • Mobile ladders
  • Portable ladders
  • Powered shelf ladders
  • Rolling ladders
  • Rolling platform ladders
  • Rolling stock picking shelf ladders
  • Rolling warehouse ladder
  • Rolling warehouse stock picking stepladder with handrails
  • Safety rolling ladders
  • Specialty rolling ladders
  • Stock picking & retrieval ladders
  • Stock room rolling metal ladders
  • Tilt and roll ladders
  • Walk down ladders

Pallet jack preventative maintenance, inspection, cleaning, repair, lubrication and replacement part installation is available through French Company.  We service pallet jacks manufactured by Crown, Eagleman, Blue Giant, Bishamon, BT, Interthor, Jet, Lift-Rite, Magnum, Mobile, Multiton, Palletmaster, Pallet Mule, Pramac, and Rol-Lift and others.  We provide customized programs for the following types of pallet jacks:

  • Economy pallet JacksHand pallet jacks
  • Heavy duty pallet jacks
  • Hand pallet trucks
  • Manual pallet jacks
  • Pallet trucks

For more information about our shopping cart, rolling stock equipment, material handling equipment, backroom equipment, U-Boat, pallet jack and rolling ladder preventative maintenance service programs, please call us at 800.321.8875 or click here to contact a Service Program Specialist.