French Company performs preventative maintenance, cleaning services and repair services for shopping and grocery carts, backroom equipment, rolling stock equipment, retail store equipment and material handling equipment for national and regional grocery stores, supermarkets, department stores, drug stores, pharmacies, home improvement retailers, hotel and motel chains, multi-site specialty retailers, Customized retail store equipment programs multi-store operators, office supply retailers, wholesale clubs, membership warehouse, toy stores, hardware stores, and discount department stores.

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The services listed below represent an overview of our core service offerings. We customize our retail equipment maintenance, cleaning and repair service programs to meet the exact needs of our customers.

When our clients contract with French Company for retail equipment or facility solution services, we work diligently to design the optimal balance between price and service levels.  French Company's goal is to enable our clients to maintain peak quality performance of their equipment, extend the life of the equipment, and lower their overall cost of ownership.

During the "Service Engagement Process" our team of Program Specialists work with Facility Managers, Facility Directors, Operation Managers, Business Owners, Purchasing Managers, Procurement Managers, General Managers, Vice Presidents and other company executives to determine and structure the proper combination of services to achieve their goals.  We offer a variety of pricing options which include:

  • Flat Rate Preventative Maintenance
  • Full Preventative Maintenance
  • On Call and Emergency Service
  • Time and Material
  • Flat Rate Per Location
  • Flat Rate Per Cart
  • Leasing with Service

Shopping Cart and Grocery Cart Repair, Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Rolling Stock Equipment Repair, Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Preventative Maintenance Program Services

Backroom Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Cleaning Services

Material Handling Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Cleaning Services

Replacement Part Installation Services for Shopping Carts, Grocery Carts, Retail Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, and Backroom Equipment

T4 Equipment Leasing Solutions for Specifying, Sourcing, Managing and Maintaining Fleets of Retail Store Equipment  

Listed below are a variety of services that we perform:

  • 2 wheeler and 6 wheeler repair, maintenance and cleaning
  • Awning cleaning (interior & exterior) including outside pressure washing
  • Backroom equipment cleaning
  • Backroom equipment maintenance
  • Backroom equipment repair
  • Bakery cart repair
  • Bakery rack maintenance, repair and cleaning
  • Bike rack maintenance, repair and assembly
  • Buggy repair
  • Cart containment system maintenance
  • Cart and stock equipment maintenance
  • Cart corrals and bike rack maintenance and service
  • Cart corrals maintenance and assembly
  • Cart security system maintenance
  • Conveyer maintenance and repair
  • Deli rack maintenance, repair and cleaning
  • Electronic theft prevention of shopping carts: repairs, installs and maintenance
  • Emergency shopping cart repair
  • Fixing grocery carts
  • Fixing shopping carts
  • Flexible conveyor maintenance and repair
  • Food cart repair, maintenance and cleaning
  • Grocery cart maintenance
  • Grocery cart pressure cleaning
  • Grocery cart preventative maintenance
  • Grocery cart repair
  • Grocery cart wheel replacement
  • Hand basket and tote service and cleaning
  • Inspect, clean, lubricate and repair manual rolling equipment, rolling stock carts, distribution carts, bakery and oven racks, and pallet jacks.
  • Maintain grocery cart fleets
  • Maintain shopping cart fleets
  • Manual and Hand Pallet jack repair and maintenance
  • Material Handling equipment assembly
  • Material handling equipment cleaning
  • Material handling equipment inspections
  • Material handling equipment pressure cleaning
  • Material handling equipment washing services
  • Material handling equipment service
  • Mobile handicap cart maintenance, repair and assembly
  • On call shopping cart repair
  • On-site shopping cart repair
  • Oven racks maintenance, repair and cleaning
  • Picking cart maintenance, repair and cleaning
  • Produce rack repair
  • Repairing grocery carts
  • Repairing shopping carts
  • Retail equipment preventative maintenance
  • Retail store sidewalk cleaning
  • Retail store sidewalk washing
  • Rolling ladder repair
  • Rolling stock equipment maintenance
  • Rolling stock equipment pressure cleaning
  • Rolling stock equipment preventative maintenance
  • Rolling stock equipment repair
  • Rolling stock equipment wheel replacement
  • Service of child safety products such as straps, infant seats, bumpers and ASTM seat belts
  • Shopping and grocery cart caster replacement
  • Shopping and grocery cart wheel replacement
  • Shopping and grocery handle replacement
  • Shopping cart accessory assembly
  • Shopping cart assembly
  • Shopping cart caster lubrication
  • Shopping cart cleaning
  • Shopping cart electronic caster replacement
  • Shopping cart electronic wheel replacements
  • Shopping cart fleet management
  • Shopping cart lock maintenance
  • Shopping cart maintenance
  • Shopping cart part replacement
  • Shopping cart power washing
  • Shopping cart pressure cleaning
  • Shopping cart preventative maintenance
  • Shopping cart repair
  • Shopping cart cleaning
  • Shopping cart washing service
  • Shopping cart welding repairs
  • Shopping cart wheel replacement
  • Stock cart maintenance
  • Stock cart repair, maintenance and cleaning
  • Stock equipment maintenance
  • Stock cart wheel replacement
  • Stock replacement parts (wheels, casters, handles, seat flaps, leg hole closures) for shopping carts, grocery carts, backroom equipment, rolling stock equipment and stock carts.
  • Transfer cart maintenance, repair and cleaning
  • Trolley Maintenance
  • U-boat repair, maintenance and cleaning
  • U-lift repair, maintenance
  • Utility cart maintenance, repair and cleaning
  • Warranty work on shopping carts

We perform preventative maintenance, cleaning services and repair services for:

  • Bumper shopping cart corrals
  • Covered shopping cart corrals
  • Double Row Cart Corrals and Single Row Cart
  • Double Wide Cart Corrals
  • Grocery cart corrals
  • Shopping cart corrals
  • Sidewalk shopping cart corrals
  • Single Wide Cart corrals
  • Standard shopping cart corrals

We work with retail store operators to maintain the following types of retail store equipment:

  • Baby seats
  • Child safety seats
  • Collapsible Market Totes
  • Deep mesh shopping baskets
  • Front-Facing Safe Seat Infant Seat
  • Folding Tote Baskets
  • Grocery shopping baskets
  • Grocery store totes
  • Hand baskets
  • Infant carts
  • Infant seats
  • Market totes
  • One-Piece Infant Safe Seat
  • Plastic shopping baskets
  • Retail Baskets
  • Shop-Alongs
  • Shopping cart baby capsules
  • Shopping cart infant seats
  • Shopping cart seat belts
  • Shopping hand baskets
  • Shopping hand totes
  • Shopping totes
  • Supermarket shopping baskets
  • Tote bags
  • Wheeled Hand Baskets
  • Wire-Handled Shopping Basket
  • Wire Shopping Basket

To learn more about our services, please call 800.321.8875 or click here to talk to an Equipment Service Program Specialist.