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French Company is more than happy to provide information about our equipment maintenance services and facility solutions to Purchasing Managers or Procurement Managers. If you would like to learn more, please call us at 800.321.8875 or complete the form below.

Discussed a customized maintenance programWe provide preventative maintenance, inspection, cleaning, repair, lubrication, alignments and replacement part installation programs for shopping carts, rolling stock and material handling equipment to national, multi-site operators. Our clients include grocers and supermarkets, retailers, outlet stores, drug stores & pharmacies, office supply retailers, membership warehouses and wholesale clubs.

Our FacilityConnect division provides unique facility solutions to retailers, restaurant chains, property management businesses, real estate firms, and other multi-facility organizations and their maintenance service providers, vendors and contractors.  Services performed include facility assessments, facility audits, facility site surveys, asset tagging and tracking, and service vendor audits.

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