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We invite you to consider solutions and services offered by French Company and our FacilityConnect division to help you achieve your goals. 

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Discussed a customized maintenance programFor information about our retail equipment services or facility solutions, please call us at 800.321.8875 and ask to speak with a Program Specialist. Or, complete the form below to send us an email with your contact information, requests and questions.

Our Program Specialists are happy to answer any questions you have.  They will acquaint you with our many program options and explain how we will collaborate during the first stage of the  "Service Engagement Process".

Listed below are a variety of options for you to "Get Started":

  • If you want to learn more about French Company and our retail equipment services, you can start by downloading and printing the PDF entitled "French Company Introduction Brochure", click here.
  • If you want to learn more about our FacilityConnect division and its programs for assessments and surveys, facility and vendor audits, or asset tagging / tracking programs, you can start by downloading and printing the PDF entitled "FacilityConnect Company Brochure", click here
  • Setting up a pilot program is a great way to start working with French Company and/or FacilityConnect on a small scale.  Pilots are conducted by a team of our Program Specialists and field technicians to prepare the optimal framework for larger scale projects. Call 800.321.8875 and ask to speak with a Program Specialist or click here to begin coordinating a store pilot test.

Value and Price:

National, regional and local businesses that operate numerous, geographically dispersed facilities receive the best possible combination of value, price and service from French Company and FacilityConnect. Our programs are individually formulated and priced based on the specific requirements defined by our customers.

French Company's goal is to provide our clients with the best solution: a combination of competitive prices with industry leading service levels. We enable our clients to maintain peak equipment performance, extend service life, and lower their overall cost of ownership.

Service Engagement Process:

During the "Service Engagement Process" our team of Program Specialists works with Facility Managers and other company executives to determine and structure the proper combination of services and rates to achieve our customer's goals. 

Customized Programs and Pricing Options:

  • Full Preventative Maintenance for Retail Equipment
  • Per Piece of Retail Equipment
  • Per Location
  • Flat Rate Maintenance, Cleaning and Repairs
  • On Call Maintenance, Cleaning and Repairs
  • Parts and Labor Maintenance and Repair
  • Retail Equipment and Shopping Cart Leasing Programs

Overview of Services Offered  by French Company:

  • Shopping Cart Fleet Maintenance, Repair and Cleaning Services
  • Retail Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Cleaning Services
  • Material Handling Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Cleaning Services
  • Rolling Stock Equipment Preventative Maintenance Services

Overview of Services offered by our FacilityConnect Division:

  • Facility Surveys
  • Facility Audits
  • Facility Equipment and Physical Asset Tagging and Tracking Services
  • Facility Maintenance Service Vendor and Contractor Audits

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The easiest way to get started is to pick up the phone and call 800.321.8875 or complete the form below. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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