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FacilityConnect provides facility assessments, audits, surveys and asset tagging to multi-site retailers, restaurant chains, property management/development companies and service providers nationwide. We collaborate with facility management professionals to maintain and care for commercial or institutional buildings, restaurants, office product supply stores, grocery stores, department stores, hotels/motels, and franchises.

Our self-performing and scalable business model leverages the 40+ year history of our parent company, French Company, a national service provider to multi-location operators.

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The talent and longevity of our experienced, committed field specialists enable us to operate a safe, efficient, and value driven service organization for the benefit of our clients.  The depth of our administrative, IT and managerial platform, along with our history of exceptional performance to regional and national Fortune 100/500 clients, ensures that we continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.  FacilityConnect is guided by the goal of providing continued added value to our clients and new growth opportunities for the partnerships we help create.

Our clients continue to ask us to expand our service offerings due to the reliability of our data and quality of our self-performing Field Specialists. As a result, the FacilityConnect division was created to meet the growing need for consistent facility and vendor information across various maintenance and management industries.

FacilityConnect is keenly focused on client-driven maintenance and management solutions centered on national facility assessments, audits, surveys and asset tagging performed by our direct field employees.  Our innovations and solutions are based on carefully listening to our customers and ongoing dialogue, combined with the latest technology. 

eView, our interactive web-based software, is used by national companies operating multiple locations and by facility service vendors and contractors who service these enterprises. Our self performing national field specialists assess, survey, and audit complete facility interiors, exteriors, and equipment.  They upload data and pictures to eView so that our clients can view, sort, analyze and download the information following their visit.  Facilities management and service vendors trust eView to provide the relative data and pictures needed to make important capital and operating decisions.

While the following list of services is a good overview of our core offerings, we customize many of our programs to meet the exact needs of our clients. To learn more, select and click one of the services listed below:

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For more information about the services offered by FacilityConnect, call 800.321.8875 or click here to contact us.