Quality Assurance & Compliance

French Company keenly focuses on quality assurance (QA) and compliance with the scope of work that is requested by our clients. Whether the scope of work involves preventative maintenance and repair or sidewalk pressure cleaning, we make sure it is done on time and properly. We seek customer feedback after every service visit;  98% of our customers rate our service as "excellent to very good".

We provide preventative maintenance and repair to shopping carts, rolling stock and material handling equipment, grocery carts, pallet jacks, u-boats, flat beds, rolling ladders and other facility equipment.

Self PerformingOur management staff regularly communicates with corporate and store level managers prior to, during, and after service.  They systematically monitor and evaluate all aspects of our maintenance service projects and facility solutions processes to maximize high rates of timely and quality performance. Our technicians produce service work reports that are uploaded to our web-based database and information system, eView.  These reports are reviewed by both our customers and our own management team. This extra step facilitates quality assurance and compliance with the scope of work we are contracted to perform. 

We do the job right the first time and call backs are very rare.  For more information about our Quality Assurance and Compliance standards, please call us at 800.321.8875 or click here to contact us.