Self Performing Business Model

French Company's self performing business model is based on providing the highest quality of value and service to retail store operators and companies that operate and manage multiple buildings, locations and facilities. Our proven model offers A self performing staff delivers reliable resultssubstantial benefits to our customers relative to price and service.

We believe that a self performing firm delivers better results and positively impacts service work performed. In our industry, a self-performing business model makes us unique and enables us to deliver a more consistent level of workmanship. Our experienced crews bring the specialized tools needed and have the expertise to perform high quality equipment maintenance as well as facility assessments and surveys.  

We created core aspects of our infrastructure based on the theory that our own full-service labor force performs better work than subcontractors. We are accountable for the work we perform and retain customers because of our self-performing business model. Our service technicians are proactive at anticipating and resolving retail equipment maintenance and facility problems and create Cost Reduction Reports that our customers use to reduce expenses. 

French Company self-performs on-site rolling stock and material handling equipment maintenance, shopping cart repair, and backroom equipment cleaning for multi-site operators in the Continental United States.

Our FacilityConnect division self-performs facility assessments, audits, surveys and asset tagging nationwide. Our business model sets us apart from other service companies who use subcontractors. We set the standard for facility condition reporting and vendor fulfillment evaluation.

Our national field specialists are employed by French Company.  They receive substantial training in the field and at our national headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio prior to performing service work for our customers.  Ongoing training is provided and turnover is negligible.

We supply our field specialists with laptops, AirCards (wireless modems) and digital cameras. We get the job done right each and every time due to the longevity of our staff and our history of self-performance. 

Our clients represent a diverse range of multi-site industries in retail, grocery, drug stores & pharmacies, hotel & motel chains, and wholesale clubs.

For more information about our self-performing business model and how it can benefit your business, please call us at 800.321.8875 or click here to contact us.