Vision and Mission

French Company's goal is to enable our clients to maintain peak performance of their rolling stock equipment and shopping carts, to extend the life of the equipment, and lower overall cost of Self Performingownership.

Our field-based Trainers and Managers provide extensive training to our field staff to insure quality and compliance to the exact scope of work requested by our customers. Our vision and mission dictate that the services we provide are second to none in our industry.

"Our integrity is our legacy.  It is easily ruined by one person or one bad decision, must be earned every day, and is never, ever to be compromised." - Tim and Donna French, Founders

Our Core Values

Purpose - We are in business to earn a profit for the overall benefit of our stake holders who include clients, suppliers, employees and stock holders.

Objective - Our primary business objective is to bring value to our clients by understanding and exceeding their expectations, helping them make the best business decisions, providing efficient and economical solutions, and fulfilling their service and product needs promptly.

Communications - Communctions with clients, suppliers and fellow employees always include listening, integrity, professionalism, candor, respect and fairness.

Reputation - Our reputation is earned every day, easily ruined by one person or bad decision, paramount to our success, never to be compromised, and is our legacy.

Our Mission Statement:  We Will Exceed our Customers' Every Expectation Every Day