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French Company’s commitment to customer service is an important reason customers choose us to inspect, repair, lubricate, clean and maintain their shopping cart fleets, material handling, and rolling stock equipment. The methods our service representatives employ are Self Performingintrinsically designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction and exceed our clients' expectations. As a result, customer turnover is very low; some utilize our services for 100% of their stores, while others have maintained their service program with us for over a decade.  Customer service is an integral part of our company’s value proposition.  Our management team employs a strategic approach to continuously and systematically improve our levels of customer service.

Our goal is to offer the very best in customer service and communication.  We consistently receive “A” ratings from our customers for our industry leading service.  Not only do we maintain contact with your corporate office team, but our field specialists provide constant communication with the client's individual facilities prior to, during, and after service. After work is completed, we receive instant written feedback from the individual retail store managers regarding the work that was performed. Our field technicians are very experienced and know the intricacies of the equipment they maintain. We work diligently to anticipate our customers' needs and provide them with Cost Reduction Reports to help them proactively manage future maintenance requirements.

Because we are self-performing nationally, the quality of our work far exceeds that of our competitors who may use subcontractors. Our field staff undergoes extensive training and turnover is very low. Our technicians are detail oriented, mature, disciplined, responsible, accountable, courteous, honest, hard working, and posses a solid work ethic. These qualities translate into high levels of customer satisfaction.  

Our management team is professional and trustworthy and is available to address any customer service issues. To contact customer service at French Company please call 800.321.8875 or complete the form below.

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