About FacilityConnect's Services

FacilityConnect provides unique facility solutions for retailers, restaurant chains, property management/development companies and other multi-facility organizations and their maintenance service providers, vendors and contractors.

Our self-performing national Field Specialists provide customized facility assessments, audits, surveys, and asset tagging/tracking services. Photographs, data and reports are accessible and manageable online using eView our interactive browser-based software. As a division of French Company, our 40+ years of service history with Fortune 100/500 companies makes FacilityConnect a company you can trust to provide the data essential to managing your facilities as well as the maintenance vendors who serve you.

What is FacilityConnect?

FacilityConnect Self-Performs Customized Facility Assessments, Audits, Surveys, and Asset Tagging & Tracking Services Nationally.

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eView - Web-Based Picture And Data Management Software

  • Customized database
  • Web-based sorting, tracking and utilization of all data and pictures collected
  • Reports

ASSESSMENTS - Objective Evaluations

  • Facility conditions, inside and out
  • Task list customized by the client
  • Examples: Lighting, signs, parking lots, sidewalks, landscape, exposed wiring, fixtures, equipment, emergency exits, safety/emergency stations, safety hazards

AUDITS - Measurements To Established Criteria

  • Compliance with corporate standards / guidelines
  • Compliance with safety and ADA guidelines
  • Examples: Sub-contractor work completion, fire safety audits, facility set-up, ADA, OSHA, merchandising resets

SURVEYS - Collection Of Information - Data And Pictures

  • Based on client requirements
  • Examples: Interior / exterior lighting and signs, HVAC systems, equipment, furniture, exterior shell, windows, doors, parking lots, safety hazards and fire suppression

ASSET TAGGING - Inventory And Tracking Of Corporate Assets

  • Data and picture capture: manufacturer, model, serial number, etc.
  • Place barcode or tracking number on equipment
  • Data needed for work order software utilization
  • Example: Kitchen equipment in restaurants, parking lot light poles, cash registers, doors, fire extinguishers, fixtures, equipment and signs

Facility Assessments

Our staff of self-performing field specialists, based throughout the United States, visits individual facility locations to perform skilled Facility Assessments. They objectively evaluate the overall condition of buildings, properties, or equipment. Services are uniquely tailored to the type of information we collect and the methodology by which this data is obtained on an individual client basis.

Facility Audits

We offer high quality Facility Audits to measure and determine if building areas comply with specified standards. Our field specialists measure and report on areas such as restroom ADA compliance, light and sign outages/ damage, parking lot markings, merchandising fixtures/ resets, fire extinguishers and much more.

Site Surveys

When we perform comprehensive Facility Surveys, we take pictures and collect information so that appropriate decision makers can view, sort and analyze the information on-line using eView®. During these surveys, we ask questions of site managers, prepare reports, take pictures of areas such as parking lots, landscaping, docks, signs, interior lighting, safety hazards, and much more.

Asset Tagging

Our customers use our Asset Tagging and Tracking services as an integral part of their operations and management processes. Our field specialists place barcode labels on equipment, take pictures and log manufacturer, model and serial numbers on site. They upload these pictures and the barcode data to eView® for ready access by our clients. This data is highly valuable to those using work order software.

For more information about FacilityConnect, visit the web site at www.facilityconnect.com, call 800.321.8875 or click here to contact us.